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GSU calls for action over poor construction of Baghmara – Ranikor road in South Garo Hills

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Tura, March 17: The South Garo Hills Zone of Garo Students’ Union (GSU) has called for the immediate removal of the Engineer and Project Manager of NSC company, which is responsible for the ongoing road project from Baghmara to Ranikor. The GSU has cited the poor quality of road construction in the Gaobar area, specifically the stretch between Dambuk and Rongara, which spans around 5-10 kilometers.

According to the GSU Secretary, Sengrak T Sangma, the union became aware of the dubious work done by the company through social media videos and photos shared by concerned villagers. Upon inspection, they found the quality of work to be absolutely below par.

The GSU’s demand for the removal of the Engineer and Project Manager of NSC company stems from their dissatisfaction with the company’s handling of the project. The GSU believes that the poor quality of work done by the company is a disservice to the people of South Garo Hills and that the company should be held accountable for their actions.

The GSU has also called for a thorough investigation into the matter to ensure that those responsible for the substandard work are held accountable. They have appealed to the concerned authorities to take immediate action to rectify the situation and ensure that the ongoing road project is completed to a high standard of quality. The GSU hopes that their actions will serve as a reminder to companies working on development projects that they must always prioritize quality and accountability.

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