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Newborn’s body found in dumping truck; Police apprehends minor mother and father

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Shillong, Sept 20: Police have apprehended a minor and the alleged father for abandoning their newborn at a waste bin in Mawpat, Shillong.

The lifeless body of the infant was discovered in a dumping truck on Tuesday, prompting an immediate investigation. Subsequently, both the mother and father were taken into custody on Wednesday.

The mother, aged below 18, resides in a rented residence in Mawpat, while the father, originating from Rymbai, has temporarily relocated to work in the area.

Upon learning of the discovery of the infant’s body on Wednesday, the teenage mother, overcome by remorse, told her landlord about it. The landlord, in turn, alerted the local Dorbar Shnong.

Collaborating with the Rangbah Shnong, they handed-over the two to police for further investigation.

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