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Prestone confident of NPP securing absolute majority in upcoming assembly elections

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Shillong, Feb 2: NPP national vice president and deputy chief minister Prestone Tynsong on Thursday expressed confidence that his party will cross the half-way mark to lead the new government.

“This time we are going to cross 34 seats and above,” Tynsong told reporters.

Claiming that NPP is getting a good response from the voters across the state, he said, “Never in my political career have I ever seen such a mass movement. Why? Because the allegations made against us were so much and ultimately people, the voters of Meghalaya when they assess themselves (they found that) the NPP-led government has performed better than any other previous governments led by other parties.”

When asked about the BJP’s decision not to pull out of the NPP-led MDA government, the deputy chief minister said because their allegations against the party do not stand at all and that the voters are mature enough to reply them back on March 2.

“I was surprised and shocked (to see they have decided to stay) because the few in the state leadership had threatened to leave the MDA government led by NPP and then many allegations made by them, which even me also I have already indicated very clearly that if you feel that you should leave why not leave, but it is too late (for them) to leave,” he said.

He also questioned why the BJP had made no allegation during the past four and a half years. “But why only three-four months before the election you made such baseless allegations. Ultimately I am not surprised on one hand they said this NPP led government is very bad on the other hand they said we supported the NPP led government. So let the people judge,” Tynsong added.

The NPP leader further slammed the Congress leaders for accusing the MDA government of protecting corrupt people and said, “It is baseless allegations made. Why do they do that? It is only because they wanted to get votes and to create confusion among the voters of Meghalaya but, let me just tell you very clearly, this time we are going to cross 34 seats and above.”

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