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Sungoh seeks justice for the 5 lives lost in Mukroh firing incident

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Shillong, Nov 25: The Mukroh killing has left many devastated, similarly Mowkaiaw MLA Nujorki Sungoh seeks justice for the 5 lives lost on November 22.

Condemning the act, Sungoh said, “Mukroh is not a disputed land and falls well within Meghalaya. We have a government sub centre and an LP school and people have been casting their votes for several years now. Point of dispute doesn’t arise as far as Mukroh is concerned.”

Assuring that he will pursue the matter, Sungoh said that those involved in the killing should not be spared.

He also mentioned about the challenges faced by the people like farmers being picked up and harassed. “We have received complaints from residents that whenever they carry crops or hay and firewood for each and everything, they will have to pay to the forest guard and Assam police,” said Sungoh.


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