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Formalin in fish

Formalin-Laced Fish: Meghalaya Govt to constitute fact-finding committee to find ‘truth’

The decision was taken after a meeting was held between the fisheries department and the associations of fish farmers and fish wholesalers and retailers.

Bilsi-bonga prako na·tokrangoniko formalin man·anina KJFWRA, sorkario sing·doa

Iani bidingo Butbar salo, koborni manderangna aganangengon, KJFWRA-ni padot, Mitchel Wankhar, Andhra Pradesh a·dokchini na·tokrangko a·dokona ra·napbana skangan porikka ka·e nichengesa ra·bagenchimoba, na·tok ra·napbaaniko sorkarini champengatanina an·tangni suk ong·gijaniko parakangskaaha.

KJFWRA questions State Govt’s ‘once in 5 years’ formalin detection in fish

This question follows the imposition of a 15-day ban on the import and sale of fish from outside Meghalaya, as several fish samples tested positive for 'formalin' during laboratory tests.

Formalin in fish? What happens when you consume such fish; All you need to know about health risk

Formalin is a preservative that is applied on fish body to prevent its decay. According to the Experts this chemical cannot be used to preserve the fish which is meant for consumption.

Formalin in fish: West Garo Hills imposes strict measures on imported fish

The development comes after the State government temporarily banned the sale of imported fish following detection of formalin on fish coming in the state.

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