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GSU-ni padot Tengsak Momin basako biaptangko wate election-ko ong·atgen ine GSU-EZ sing·doa

Williamnagar, Sep 24: Adita salrangna skang, Williamnagar-ona re·bae, da·o ong·enggipa Garo Students Union (GSU) Eastern Zone-ni term-ko bon·atenba, gital election-ko ong·atna tik ka·e donangahani...

GSU, EZ-ni eleksinko ong·atani bidingo CEC-ni president Zicko Balgra Marak talataniko on·anga

Zone-ni eleksinko ong·atna skangba, CEC-ni eleksinko ong·atchengna nanganiko chinga nangnikenga maina, CEC-ni eleksinko ong·atgijan bilsi 15 batpilengaha ine janapatenba, chinga ia bilsion CEC-ni eleksinko ong·atna gita kamrangko ka·gnok uni ja·manosa zone aro unit-rangni eleksinko ong·atanggen ineba ua talataniko on·ataha.

GSU, Rongjeng Regional Unit-ni election-ko ong·atanga

Ra·chakgimin gital dilgiparangonia, Robustian Sangma, king 400 vote-rangko man·e President-na seokako man·aha aro Walsimbarth Marak, king 538 vote-rangko man·e General Secretary -na seokako man·skaaha.

GSU demands MPSC cell in Williamnagar

The Garo Students’ Union (GSU), Williamnagar Unit, has written to Chief Minister, Conrad K. Sangma, seeking an examination centre in the East Garo Hills district to cater to the aspirants facing hardship.

GSU, GSMC write to SWGH police station on illegal supply of logs from Koraitola to Assam

The Garo Student Union (GSU) and  Garoland State Movement Committee (GSMC), Zikzak regional unit, have submitted a complaint letter to the South West Garo Hills, Mahendraganj police station, against the illegal supply of logs from Koraitola to Assam.

Garo Hills’ pressure groups meet CM Sangma, seek release of their members

A delegation of pressure groups from Garo Hills met Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma on Sunday, and sought release of their members arrested in connection with the July 24, 2023 violence in Turn Town in West Garo Hills.

Bilsi 12 ong•gipa me•chik bi•sako drae til•ekenba so•ote galanina jegale NGO dolrang tom•bimonga

Tura, Aug 11: Adita salrangna skang, bilsi 12 ong•gipa me•chik bi•sa-ko ka•saninggija dake drae til•ekenba so•ote galaniko jegalna gita Bristibar salo, Chibinang-ni dingtang dingtang...

GSU, East Garo Hills Unit Urges Fair and Inclusive Teaching Faculty Recruitment at Loyola College Williamnagar

In a heartfelt plea, the GSU met with Education Minister Rakkam A. Sangma and PHE Minister Marcuise N. Marak, as well as the local MLA of Williamnagar, and requested that important factors be considered to ensure a fair and inclusive selection process.

GHADC discusses UCC with pressure and civil groups, strongly opposes its implementation

The Garo Hills Autonomous District Council (GHADC) held a crucial meeting on Friday with various stakeholders, including pressure groups, senior citizens, and the Bar Association, to deliberate on the Uniform Civil Code (UCC). The Chief Executive Member (CEM) Albinush R Marak, Deputy CEM Nikman Ch Marak, along with other Executive Members (EMs), attended the meeting.

GSU opposes UCC, says it will destroy unique culture and traditions of Northeast

The Garo Students’ Union (GSU) has expressed its strong opposition to the Uniform Civil Code (UCC), stating that it will destroy the ancient customs, unique traditions and culture of the people of North East.

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