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Henry Lalremsanga

‘Drug Kingpin’ Remark: Mukul to examine Rs. 20 crore legal notice by Henry Lalremsanga

Opposition AITC leader and former chief minister Dr. Mukul Sangma on Friday said he will examine under which provision of law a legal notice was issued to him by Henry Lalremsanga, the Chairman of 2B’s Group of Companies.

Dr Mukul-na gong crore 20-ni legal notice-ko on•a

Dr Mukul Sangma-na Lalremsanga-ni pal legal notice-ko on•atgipao ukil-ni parakatani gitade, Meghalaya Assembly-o aro uni ja•man media-rangni mikkangoba Henry Lalremsang-ni kosako kragija dake matnangahani gimin ia legal notice-ko on•ataha.

‘Drug Kingpin’ Row: Mukul slapped with Rs. 20 crore legal notice by Henry Lalremsanga

AITC leader Dr. Mukul Sangma has been served with a legal notice of Rs. 20 crore for making defamatory statements against Henry Lalremsanga, the Chairman of 2B’s Group of Companies, in the ongoing Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.

‘Sakki on•arangni gisepo krabatgijagipa ong•a’ ine Mukul-ni matnanganiko Conrad jegala

Ia matnanganiko ua, a•doko pekatgipa bosturangko jakkalani bidingo Assembly-ni Autumn Session-o chanchirimaniko dakengmiting somoio aganahachim.

‘Most ridiculous way of proving anything’: Conrad on Mukul’s allegation

“It is sad that a person of his (Mukul) level brought in a photograph and just jumped to a conclusion. Connecting people based on a photograph of two people being clicked together I think in today’s world, it is the most ridiculous way of proving anything. So, I have no comment to say about that,” Conrad told reporters.

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