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A·chik Literature Society chart-out strategy to improve primary education in Garo Hills

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Tura, Sept 21: The A·chik Literature Society (ALS) has recommended several measures to the State government to improve the quality of education at primary schools in Garo Hills. These suggestions were arrived at a meeting on September 18, 2023 under the aegis of A·chik Literature Society, which was attended by representatives of the Garo Graduates Union and the Senior Citizens’ Forum.

The need to hold the meeting and to urgently improve the quality of education was due to the NCERT report on the national survey of class III pupils for proficiency in their vernacular and mathematics, published in the Times of India dated 9.9.2022 (Bangalore Edition).

Several members shared their experiences as former Primary School teachers, offering insights into the challenges faced during a child’s formative years.

The attendees also underscored the urgency of prioritizing education, recognizing the critical situation, and rallying support across urban, rural, and remote areas to ensure due importance is given to primary education.

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As the majority of the LP Schools are directly under the Government, and the centrally sponsored SSA Schools are under its management, the meeting decided to request the Government of Meghalaya to implement these suggestions:

(i) To focus more on the teaching and learning of the pupils, rather than to other duties assigned to the teachers that require their absence from teaching in schools.

(ii) To appoint Pre-Primary teacher for every Primary School to teach pupils and prepare them for admission to class –I, in order to bridge the gap between learning the alphabet and the text book that present a big challenge.

(iii) To emphasize timely inspection of every Primary School by SDSEO, focusing on the teaching imparted by the teachers and the learning gained by the pupils.

(iv) To take firm steps to eradicate absenteeism among teachers and students.

(v) Creation of awareness among all sections of the society especially in the rural areas, the importance of the parents, regular attendance and home study, the problem of single teacher schools, scrutiny and alertness on the utilization of funds and grants to the Primary Schools, all issues related to better learning environment, including good maintenance of infrastructure and text books came under the discussion.

In addition, the members discussed the important role to be played by the NGOs in outreach programmes, the Managing Committees, the Churches in all areas to improve the Primary education and curb the menace of drop-outs.

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