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100 Drums Wangala

In Pics: Garo Hills’ enchanting winter drums up delightful beats; Baljek welcomes thousands for Rugala ceremony

The festivities of the Wangala Dance festival continued on its second day with the vibrant Rugala ceremony. Local as well as foreign visitors especially from France were captivated by the enchanting 100 Drums Wangala Festival held at Baljek, around 38 km from Tura.

Chang 47-gipa 100 Drums Wangala manianiko a•bachengata

Tura, Nov 9: Chang 47-gipa 100 Drums Wangala manianiko Bristibar salo, Handloom aro Handicrafts Exhibition-ko do•ga oanichi, Jengjal-o donggipa Baljek Airport-o a•bachengataha aro ia...

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