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After Manipur, Mizoram too starts collecting biometric details of 35,000 Myanmar nationals

Around 35,000 Myanmar nationals, including children and women, have taken shelter in Mizoram since February 2021, after the Myanmar military, following a coup, took over the governance.

Niam gri katbrangbagiparangni biometric data-ko Manipur sorkari ra·chimongna gita a·bachenga

Ia naljokaniko on·ani kamko a·bachengatanichi, India a·songo songdongkamgiparangna kakket ong·aniko rakkiani gisepo, a·doko songdonggipa manderangna aro gamrangna naljokaniko on·na gita Manipur sorkarini nangnikenganiko nikna gita man·enga.

Illegal migrants Biometric data: To ensure that foreign nationals don’t obtain Indian citizenship, says Manipur CM

This move comes after considering the seriousness of the issue of ‘illegal immigration’ into India and under the advice of the Central Government.

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