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Chief Minister's Office

Tura-o so·sojengjeng ong·gipani bidingo Laben, Bernita aro Balkarin-ni anticipatory bail-na bi·aniko HC jegala

Ia so·sojengjeng ong·atanio jak donganina police-rang da·o dipet sak 50 manderangko rim·na man·ahachim.

Tura CMO-ko chadrapanio politics-ni gita jak donga ine Tynsong a•kanga

Ia a•sel ong•aniara badiaba political dolrangni chanchisamsoe dakanisa ong•a ine janapatengon, dos donggipa manderangni kosako niam gita ja•kurangko de•angchina ine Deputy Chief Minister aganaha.

NPYF condemns ‘criminal conspiracy’ in which CM’s office in Tura was attacked

The statement said that the Chief Minister had agreed to meet the groups near the hunger strike venue, where the groups were agitating, and this shows that the CM was genuinely concerned.

Tura Violence: Conrad assures to take action against perpetrators, says someone planned this

While the CM was having a peaceful meeting with representatives of ACHIK and GHSMC at the CMO Tura, an unruly mob started pelting stones at the police and his office, resulting in injuries to several police personnel.

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