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Close Chokpot stone quarry over damage to environment, demands Garo groups

The ongoing extraction of stones and boulders from hills in Budugre Nokma Aking of Chokpot, South Garo Hills, is causing extensive damage to the environment compelling various Garo organizations of the region to call for its closure.

2 more suspects of kidnappers gang caught by Chokpot villagers

Both the suspects were apprehended by the villagers and interrogated, revealing that they had indeed come to rescue their companion who had been caught the previous day.

Suspected member of kidnappers gang caught in Chokpot

The suspect was moving around a betel nut plantation allegedly with other members when villagers of Rongdi Anchenggre in Sangknigre managed to round him up and interrogated him.

Residents of a village in South Garo Hills cry for urgent repair of road amidst hardships

The road is an important throughfare for the local community, but its current awful condition, due to neglect and abandoned work, has inflicted severe hardships on both school children and area residents who rely on it daily to fulfill their basic needs.

Chokpot rama namsrangjaengahani gimin songni manderang badi ka•a

Bilsiantian songni manderang an•tangtangsa ia ramako tarie re•ruratokenga ineba jolo songdongenggipa manderang parakataha.

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