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Prayers and fasting mark observance of Good Friday in Garo Hills

One of the most significant religious event in Christianity- Good Friday marking the crucifixion of Lord Jesus Christ on the Cross, was observed across the length of Garo Hills with Christians heading to church to offer prayers in commemoration of this historical event.

Chrism Mass celebrated in Tura by Catholic priests

During the Mass, the bishop consecrated the sacred Chrism and blessed the other oils, which is among the principal manifestations of the fullness of the Bishop's Priesthood and is considered to be a sign of the close bond of the Priests with the Lord.

Kristian-rangko onchepa ine Cong-ni matnangani gimin sakkiko mesokchina BJP dabia

Shillong, Mar 22: Kristianrangko onchepenga aro Kristianrangni olakkiram nokrangko nisie galenga ine Meghalaya Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC)-ni president Vincent H Pala-ni matnanganiko Sukrobar salo,...

Ash Wednesday observed across Garo Hills marking beginning of Lent for Christians

In Tura and other parts of Garo Hills, Catholics observed this religious event by receiving ash marked with the sign of the cross on their foreheads during church service.

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