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Ganol river

Ganol chibimani jabolrangko rongtalatna a·bachengata

Ganol chibimako rongtalatanio, Tura Municipal Board (TMB), SDRF, block office, Ganol project aro dingtang dingtang dolrangoni gimik sak 65-mangni gita manderang bakko ra·angaha.

Clean-up ops underway at Ganol Dam Site to remove garbage accumulation, to take 72 hours

In an effort to mitigate the environmental impact caused by the accumulation of debris at the Ganol dam site, authorities have initiated a clean-up operation. Led by Deputy Commissioner (DC) of West Garo Hills (WGH), Jagdish Chelani, the operation aims to clear the site and restore its pristine condition.

72-hour long ops to clean Ganol River begins

The West Garo Hills district administration has begun the operation to clean-up the Ganol River, where trash is being dumped indiscriminately, especially from the Rongram market upstream. The administration sprang into action when heavy rains brought all the waste from upstream to the Ganol Hydroelectric project’s dam downstream. The operation duration is 72 hours, depending on the weather.

Polluted Ganol River: WGH admin imposes fine on Rongram Bazaar Committee, to begin clean-up

The decision comes after Hub News brought to light the huge quantity of trash and waste chocking the riverbanks and spilling into the water from the Rongram market.

From Market to Hydro Project to Homes: The Polluted Path of the Ganol River

As the river flows down from the market, the pollution also gets swept along with it straight into the massive Ganol hydroelectric project.

West Garo Hills-ni Ganol chibimani rongtalbatrorojanichi manderangna jajrenggniko ra·banasia

Iandake Rongram Bajarni jeng-jabolrangko man·pake jokonangenggipa chiringara ja·mano Ganol hydroelectric project-o braeskaaniko nikna man·a aro Ganol chionikon pipe siltong gita opdoe manderangni nokrangona salbae on·skaenganichi uako jakkalsoenggipa hajal manderangni be·en-bimangna aro janggirangna kenchakna nanganiba ong·skaengachim.

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