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Job Reservation Policy-ko nipiltaie gital niamrangko ra•gatchina dabianiko Garo Students Union jegala

Tura, June 15: State Reservation Policy-ni bidingo nipiltaianiko dakna Expert Committee-ko songengon, Job Reservation Policy-ko dingtangatanirangko nangnikjaenga ine Garo Students Union parakataha. Garo Students Union,...

Bangalore-o Salgro Salaram jolni chatro chatrirangko chadrapani a•sel kenjagoktoka

Tura, June 7: Bangalore songjinmao Salgro Salaram jolni chatro chatrirangni para ra•e donggipa nokona, u•ina mangijagipa manderang re•baenba chadrapeaha, jeni a•selan Salgro Salaram jolni...

Molestation slur on Assam school head, Garo groups vent anger

The student union met with the victims and after hearing their side of the story held a meeting today with the parents, the GSU of Assam state zone, the All Rabha Students Union, the Dainadubi Rajasimla Youth Council and other local bodies.

West Bengalo A·chik saksa MPna susagen

Alipurduar, April 9: West Bengalo skanggipa changna Garo mande saksa MP eleksino susana gando ket salkete jaktong gosoenga. Ua Alipurduar Lok Sabha seatna bilakgipa...

Panel holds first physical meeting on Meghalaya’s reservation policy

Shillong, Mar 8: The Expert Committee on the Review of the State Reservation Policy, Meghalaya on Friday held its first physical meeting with senior...

Hub News | Ma·gitcham pagitchamrangni kal·susaanirangko skanggipa changna MG-o napata

Meghalaya Gamesni itihaso skanggipa changna a·doko songpanggipa Garo, Khasi aro Jaintia jatrango chengonin dongbagipa kal·susaanirangko ra·gate kal·ataha.

6 months certificate course in the offing for Garo candidates who missed out on MLHP recruitment

The previous drive which centered on B.Sc nursing with a certificate on Community Health had been conducted through a campus recruitment from the only two nursing colleges at NEIGRIHMS and Woodland hospital in Shillong in which garo aspirants missed out.

Council of Nokmas expresses concern over implementation of UCC in tribal areas

In an exclusive interview with Hub News, the President, Vice President, and other members of the CoN highlighted several reasons why they believe the UCC should not be enforced in the 6th Schedule areas and tribal regions.

Kamna galanio, Garo-rangna kanggiminko Meghalaya-oni mangmangsan man·aignok ine Ampareen talatanga

“A·dokni a·palo dongenggipa Garo-rangna Meghalaya a·dokni ning·o sorkarini kamna dorkastorangko galna cholko on·enggipa OM-ko chinga den·galaha ineba Ma Ampareen agandapataha.

AHAM reminds Conrad to fulfil demand for winter capital in Tura on priority, seeks progress

The location of the current state capital is very far for the general public of Garo Hills which presents a massive logistical issue particularly for the remote rural public

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