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Meghalaya education minister denies making communal statement

Education Minister and National People's Party (NPP) leader Rakkam A Sangma has categorically denied making any communal statement during the Lok Sabha election campaign.

Rakkam Sangma urges Aking Nokmas to preserve Garo culture at 19th Nokma council conference

The 19th Annual General Conference of the Nokma Council was hoisted by Hemarson Sangma, Nokma of Nengkong Aking, with Rakkam Sangma as the Chief guest of the program on Sunday.

A·chik Literature Society Raises Concerns over Proposed Enactment of UCC, Citing Adverse Impact on Tribals and Garos

The A·chik Literature Society firmly believes that the enactment of the UCC is both unnecessary and undesirable.

Garos living in Khasi Hills seek equal rights and benefits at par with Khasi community

The leaders requested the granting of the 80% reservation benefits to the Garo community, considering their historical presence, economic status, and long-term settlement in Khasi Hills.

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