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Meghalaya Govt ready to bail out cash strapped GHADC, JHADC: Tynsong

The state government has decided to bail out the two cash strapped autonomous district councils in Garo Hills and Jaintia Hills region, which are facing a huge financial crisis leading to irregular and non-payment of salaries to their respective employees for the past few years.

KHADC & JHADC extension: Paul reminds of GHADC’s 2-year extension during Mukul’s tenure as CM

UDP working person and cabinet minister Paul Lyngdoh on Monday said there is nothing unprecedented behind the government’s decision to approve extension of the term of the KHADC and JHADC by another six months.

Over Rs. 500 cr funds of Autonomous District Councils pending due to late submission of UCs

Over Rs 500 crore is due for release under the 15th Finance Commission to the three Autonomous District Councils (ADCs) due to late submission of utilization certificates (UCs).

Dingtang dingtang department-ni bill-rangko Cabinet ra•chakanga

KHADC aro JHADC-ni term-rangko jadokna ra•dodapna proposal on•aniko ra•chakangan baksana Sukrobar salo Meghalaya Cabinet, dingtang dingtang department-ni bill-rangkoba ra•chakangaha.

KHADC & JHADC given 6-month extension, polls postponed

The MDA-led Meghalaya Government on Friday decided to approve the proposal for the extension of the present terms of both the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) and Jaintia Hills Autonomous District Counci (JHADC) for another six months.

JHADC gets new Additional Office Building

The JHADC’s Additional Office Building which was inaugurated on Tuesday.

JHADC Additional Office Building-ko nokdonggae on•a

Shillong, Dec 5: Central Grant-ni ning•o gong 3.38 crore-ni damchi rikgipa JHADC-ni Additional Office Building-ko Mongolbar salo nokdonggae on•angaha. Indake ru•uta somoirangna manchisoe dongipa, MDC-rangni...

JHADC staff demonstrate to demand release of 10 months of pending salary

Jowai, Oct 4: The JHADC staff under the banner of Jaiñtia Hills Autonomous District Council Staff Employee Association (JHADCSAE) on Wednesday organised an agitation...

Jaintia Hills-ona rel gari ra•angna manchianiko KSU jegala

Shillong, July 11: Jaintia Hills a•jaona rel gari ra•angna gita sorkarini manchianiko jegalenba Mongolbar salo, Khasi Students Union (KSU) Jaintia Hills District unit-ni membor-rang,...

M’laya-ni ning·o KAAC-ni niam gri taxgate songani bidingo JSM, JHADC-ni cholgugao jingjengatanga

Iani bidingo JSM-ni dilgiparangni aganangani gita, KAAC-ni kajina ra·na niam gri taxgate-ko songaniara Council-ni a·jao napdrabaasan ong·aigija, Meghalaya a·dokonaba napdrae niamko pe·a ga·aka ine parakataha.

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