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Manipur special Assembly session

Amid ruckus,’Save democracy’ slogans raised in Manipur Assembly

The crucial one-day session of the Manipur Assembly on Tuesday witnessed a ruckus and chaos as opposition members disrupted proceedings.

Manipur: Kuki bodies of Manipur urges 10 MLAs of the community to refrain from attending assembly session on Aug 29

The Kuki bodies of Manipur asking the 10 MLAs from the community to refrain from attending assembly session on Tuesday (August 29) resolved that no resolution adopted by the assembly will be binding in Kuki areas.

Manipur-ni Kuki-Zo MLA-rang Assembly-ni Special Session-o bak ra·jawa

Manipur State Legislative Assembly-ni Special Session-ko ong·atanio Kuki aro Zo MLA-rang, chong·motan Kuki Inpi Manipur (KIM), Kuki Students Organisation -General Headquarters (KSO-GHQ), Kuki Chiefs Association (KCAM) aro Kuki Women Union (KWU)-ni dilgiparang, bakko ra·jana gita tik ka·angaha.

Manipur: Kuki-Zo  MLAs not to attend Special Assembly session

With relation to the proposed Special Assembly Session of the Manipur State Legislative Assembly, the Kuki Inpi Manipur (KIM), Kuki Students Organisation-General Headquarters (KSO-GHQ), Kuki Chiefs Association (KCAM), and Kuki Women Union (KWU) cabinet meeting have resolved that no Kuki-Zo MLA must participate in the said session either in person or through video conferencing in the interest of the people.

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