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Mayralborn Syiem

Maximum crime cases from 2020-23 registered in EKH: Prestone Tynsong 

Meghalaya deputy chief minister Prestone Tynsong and the minister in charge of the home department informed that the district with the maximum number of crimes registered from 2020 to 2023 is East Khasi Hills District, with a total of 5,196 cases.

Mayralborn backs goods train in Meghalaya to combat price rise but with influx-checking mechanisms

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Syiem said the issue of price rise is not confined to the state alone as it affects the whole nation. He emphasized that the government must take measures to alleviate the increasing prices of essential items, which have adversely affected the common man.

Meghalaya Estimate Committee visits WJH to inspect residential school

The Meghalaya Estimate Committee visited West Jaintia Hills District on Wednesday (September 6) to inspect the residential school located at Sabahmuswang, West Jaintia Hills District.

RBTEDF-ni chang 3-gipa Pineapple Festival-ko Ri-Bhoi a·jao ong·atanga

Ia festival-ko mongsongbate Ri-Bhoi a·jao anaros ge·aniko baridapatna aro game-ge·e cha·giparangni man·anirangko tang·doatanio dakchakaniko on·na gita miksonge ong·ataha.

Ri Bhoi a•jao gital forum-ko songa

Ia gital forum-ko songna gita tom•aniko Nongpoh-ni MLA Mayralborn Syiem dilangaha aro ia tom•anio uamang, Manipur a•doko ong•enggipa obostarangni giminba chanchiangaha.

Assam-Meghalaya border talks: Mayralborn says govt doing everything for people’s interest

The MLA also informed that both the regional committees from two states will hold another round of discussion on August 25 & 26, and they will conduct a spot inspection of the areas of Desh Domrea.

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