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Meghalaya ASHA Union

Meghalaya’s ASHA workers protest in Jaintia Hills

The president of the East Jaiñtia ASHA Association - Khliehriat Unit, Pretty Jyrwa, questioned the health minister, Dr. Ampareen Lyngdoh, about the Rs. 3,000 when they are paid only Rs. 2,000 per month while the government claims to have paid the ASHAs Rs. 5,000.

West Jaintia Hills ASHA Association uamangni dormahako bariatna gita dabie re•jomaaniko dakanga

Jowai, Nov 14: Mongolbar salo, Meghalaya ASHA Union baksa bakrimenggipa, West Jaintia Hills ASHA Association, a•dok sorkariko dabianiko dakenba Jowai-o re•jomaaniko dakangaha. Ia re•jomaaniko, Madan...

ASHA workers organise protest rally in Jowai for fair compensation, demand an increase in incentives

The West Jaiñtia Hills ASHA Association, a branch of the Meghalaya ASHA Union, organised a protest rally at Jowai on Tuesday to press their demands from the state government.

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