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Punjab National Bank

Manipur: No breakthrough in Rs. 18 cr bank robbery in Ukhrul even after 2 days

Manipur police have not been able to achieve any breakthrough in the high profile Rs 18.85 crore bank robbery in Manipur's Ukhrul town even after two days of the incident.

Manipur-ni Ukhrul-o donggipa PNB-oniko crore 18.85 tangkarangko ra•sekanga

Imphal, Dec 1: Manipur-ni Ukhrul songjinmao donggipa Punjub National Bank-oniko crore 18.85 tangkatrangko dakait dakgiparang ra•seke ra•ngangaha. Sak 10 ma•sina mangijagipa manderang mikangtangtangko pindape silchidarerangko...

Manipur: Robbers loot Rs 18.85 crore from PNB in Ukhrul

Robbers looted Rs 18.85 crore from a Punjab National Bank in Manipur's Ukhrul town on Thursday.

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