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Joint visit to Langpih, report submission by regional committees by end of October 2023: Paul

Cabinet minister and chairman of the regional committee for West Khasi Hills Paul Lyngdoh on Friday said the joint site visit to Langpih sector and submission of reports by the regional committees of Assam and Meghalaya will be completed within this month.

Aug 15-ni ja•man Assam aro M’laya-ni regional committee-rang Langpih jolko niegen

Mongolbar salo, Kamrup District-ni Chairman aro Assam-ni Cabinet Minister Chandramohan Patowary baksa Assam Kamrup a•jani Amingaon-o tom•e chanchirimangani ja•man iako Lyngdoh parakataha.

Assam-Meghalaya border talks: Mayralborn says govt doing everything for people’s interest

The MLA also informed that both the regional committees from two states will hold another round of discussion on August 25 & 26, and they will conduct a spot inspection of the areas of Desh Domrea.

A·dok damgnini gisepo meligrikgijagipa simarangni gimin Regional committee-rangni tom·aniko Sonibar salo ong·atangtaia

Ru·uta bilsirangoni meligrikjaenggipa a·dok damgnini simarangko tik dake on·na mikkangchi ja·kurangko de·ani gimin agan-chanchirimna gita tom·aniko ong·atanggipao, Assam-ni Agriculture minister Pa Atul Bora aro Meghalaya-ni dakchakgipa skotong minister Pa Prestone Tynsong bakko ra·angaha.

Sima-arini golmalo kamko ka·na Regional Committee, re·baenggipa jao Assam baksa tom·na tik ka·anga

Agangrikani niamde batanggimin chang skanggipa gadango sima-ari gimin golpogrikanga gitan apsan ong·aigen ineba ua agandapataha.

Assam-Meghalaya border dispute: Regional committee to submit report to State Govt’s by August

Also, the regional committee decided to submit a report to their respective State Governments by August this year. To facilitate this, an on-ground visit is scheduled to take place in the last week of June or July, in the presence of both Chief Ministers.

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