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Sandeep Sharma

Kettelebell de·susaanio Meghalayaoni gold medal man·a aro recordko ong·ata

Shillong, Dec 17: A·dokni mingsinggipa kettlebell de·susagipa Sandeep Sharma, December 15oni 17ona Mumbaio ong·atgipa WKSF Kettelebell Asia Championships susaanio gold medal man·e Meghalaya a·dokna...

Sandeep Sharma clinches Gold for Meghalaya in WKSF Kettlebell Asia Championships

Renowned Kettlebell Athlete and Certified Kettlebell & Animal Flow Instructor, Sandeep Sharma, has brought laurel to the State of Meghalaya by securing the gold medal in the 80kg weight category Snatch event at the prestigious WKSF Kettlebell Asia Championships in Mumbai from December 15–17.

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