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Topcem cement

Meghalaya: Topcem terminates service of two employees with immediate effect

Meghalaya Cement Limited (Topcem) has terminated the service of two of its employees for using unparliamentary words during a protest against the public hearing conducted for the expansion project of the company on August 24.

HITO put up stickers on shops across West Jaiñtia Hills prohibiting sale of Topcem cement

This was done following the untoward incident during the public hearing on August 24 and the alleged instigating of police by two employees of the factory to lathi charge the protesting villagers.

West Jaintia Hills-o Topcem cement-ko paljachina HITO u•iata

West Jaintia Hills a•jao aro mongsongbate Jowai jillani wilwilao Topcem cement palaniko champengna gita Sombar salo, West Jaintia Hills a•jani Hynniewtrep Integrated Territorial Organisation (HITO), pilak hardware dokkanni pakmarango lekka pal•takrangko tape donangaha.

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