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AICC Spokesperson explains Congress’  decision to boycott Ram Mandir inauguration, citing BJP’s political agenda

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Shillong, Jan 11:  Shilllong AICC Spokesperson, Wing Commander (retd) Anuma Acharya, elaborated about the party’s decision to boycott the Ram Mandir inauguration event, stating that religion is a personal thing and the BJP has made a political event.

The Congress spokesperson stated that the decision to boycott the event was a direct response to the perceived political intent of the BJP. “We are avoiding this political event because it is not the actual event. This is a very personal thing, and boycotting is our way of protesting against the politicisation of the temple construction,” stated Acharya.


During a press conference on Thursday at Congress Bhawan in Shillong, Acharya mentioned 24-years of service in the Indian Air Force, and how she has seen all four places of worship. “The mandir, the gurudwara, the masjid, and the church were all in one place during my years of service in the armed forces. Religion is a very personal thing, and we believe in the armed forces that it should remain so,” said Acharya.

Expressing concerns over the ongoing construction of the Ram Temple, Acharya, who identifies as a Hindu Brahmin, emphasised the incomplete status of the temple. She noted, “Our religion says that a complete temple involves the pranpratishtha. This temple is incomplete as the ‘Kalash’, the top portion, has not been positioned.” She revealed that four Shankaracharyas had also boycotted the event, asserting that the temple’s completion, according to Hindu tradition, was crucial.


Acharya accused the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of leveraging the temple construction for political gains. She argued, “This is a political event, not the actual event. Otherwise, they would have waited until Ram Navmi, the birthday of Lord Rama, and could have done it on that day. But they want to encash it during election time.”

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