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AIUDF chief claims Hindus will not vote for Gaurav Gogoi, following his participation in Eid Namaz

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Guwahati, April 14: In an attempt to create a wedge on religious lines, AIUDF chief Badruddin Ajmal has castigated Congress leader and MP Gaurav Gogoi for participating in a namaz ritual during recent Eid celebrations. He stated that Hindus will no longer vote for Gogoi while Muslims wont be swayed by his “theatrics”.

The AIUDF leader has stirred controversy through his remarks. Ajmal stated that, “very good, Gaurav Gogoi is a Muslim now and no Hindus will vote for Gaurav Gogoi”. Ajmal accused Gogoi of engaging in political theatrics, asserting that his actions won’t sway Muslim voters either. He further stated that “his acting skills are highly appreciable, but it is in vain to woo Muslim voters, as they can’t be fooled by such tactics”.


The comments came during an election campaign event in Nagaon, where Ajmal urged Muslims not to vote for Gogoi, alleging that his participation in the Namaz was a ploy for political gain. Gogoi’s camp is yet to respond to the statement.

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