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Aminda Rangsa Village prepares to launch Garo Hills’ first zip-line spot

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Garo Hills, June 30: Excitement fills the air as Aminda Rangsa Village in West Garo Hills gears up to become the first-ever zip lining destination in Garo Hills.

With an eight-member team recently receiving training in Mawkdok in East Khasi Hills, the village is set to offer a thrilling adventure experience for locals and tourists alike.

In an exclusive interview with Hub News, Jengman M Sangma, the Secretary of the Tourism Society of Aminda Rangsa Village, warmly welcomed people from across Garo Hills to come and explore this exciting opportunity. He emphasized that the zip line would not only provide adventure sports but also create livelihood opportunities for the villagers.

Expressing his gratitude, Sangma extended his thanks to the local MLA and the Meghalaya Tourism Department for their support and providing the village with this remarkable opportunity.

Renowned for its exceptional wood carving, Aminda Rangsa Village is a hub of talent and craftsmanship. Visitors will be captivated by the artistic skills and unique creations showcased by the people of the village.


As preparations are underway, the villagers eagerly anticipate the launch of the zip line, which promises to offer an adrenaline-pumping experience while also promoting the rich cultural heritage of Garo Hills.

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