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Assam Government shifts to roads-cum-embankments to prevent floods, target 1500 km across of the state

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Guwahati, May 15: The Assam government is shifting to the permanent concept of road-cum-embankment by replacing the ageing embankments that were built in the state.

Assam faces floods every year during the monsoon season. The government is trying to control the flood situation but has not been successful.

Especially after the embankment breach, people become homeless. That is why the government has started building embankments with the help of new technology, so that the embankments are not destroyed by floods and people do not face any problem.

Construction of Road Cum Embankment of River Pagladia from Barmurikona To Bijulighat, Barkhetri Block, Nalbari, Assam continues.

Assam young Minister Pijush Hazarika who is Parliamentary Affairs Water resources, Information & Social Justice and Spokesperson, government of Assam Visited to Shantipur-Doloigaon area of ​​Bajali to inspect the progress of Geo Tube protection of Pahumara river embankment in view of monsoon season.

Minister Hazarika told the media during his visit to the Pahumara river embankment that, “there are floods every year, especially in Pahumara river. That is why we have used new technology, so that there is no more risk. And we have tried this. But it will take some time to control, I am sure that next time 70 percent of Assam’s floods will be controlled. Our target is that this way the construction work will be carried out completely in Assam.”

Also, Shantipur, Doloigaon villagers told the media that “first of all, we thank the Assam government, it has been so good since the beginning. Now the embankment is being built by putting Geo Tube, and along with, on the embankment it the road is also being built.


We face floods many times and due to embankment breaks, we are facing a lot of problems, along with humans, animals also face a lot of problems. Flood has brought destruction in the past with families being wiped out and caused huge loss of property.

Today Minister Piyush Hazarika has come to see our places here, that is why we are very happy.”


Female students, residing in the same village, said that “earlier there used to be a lot of problems, that time the road was closed. The books were swept away in the water, and our house was also filled with water. That time we lived on the embankment. The government is reconstructing the embankment, so we are very happy.”

Read: Assam Govt shifts to roads-cum-embankments to prevent floods, target 1500 km across of the state


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