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Assam Govt begins identification of indigenous Muslims

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Guwahati, Jan 5: The Assam government has started conducting the socio-economic survey to map the areas where the indigenous Muslim population resides in the State.

Hub News visited some of these remote villages situated in Kamrup Rural District to find out how different the identity of Assamese Muslims is as compared to Muslims of Bangladesh origin.


For instance, the Futuri Village in Kamrup Rural District showcases women weaving traditional Mekhela Sador (female attire). They establish how distinct the culture of Goria Muslims is and how different they are from Muslims of Bangladesh origin or as some may say erstwhile East Pakistan.

Villagers say Assamese Muslims have suffered and have decided to not allow anyone who moved in from Bangladesh to buy land in their village.


Villagers are preparing for Bihu celebrations in January 13, which is also celebrated by Hindus.

The Indigenous Muslims communities have alleged that due to unabated immigration, they are the biggest victims as Muslims of Bangladesh origin have overpowered them culturally and politically.


The Chairman of Goria council blamed Congress rule for settling down immigrants and thanked Assam CM for identification of Indigenous Muslims.

Meanwhile, politics has revolved around the matter with the likes of AIUDF and Congress questioning the Assam government

AIUDF says the government is trying to polarise the Muslim community. The Congress says better to caste census for all than selectively do for 5 communities.


As per 2011 Census, more than 34 per cent of the Assam population comprised of Muslims.

Among the state’s total population of 31 million, more than 10 million are Muslims.

The Goria, Moria, Jolah (which include those living in tea gardens), and Desi and Syed (which are only Assamese-speaking) communities were categorised as native Assamese Muslims by the state government in July last year.

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