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Assam Police seize 40 cattles from oil tanker, 2 smugglers arrested

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Guwahati, July 4: Assam police seized 40 cattle that were being smuggled in a tanker truck near Sonapur in Guwahati on Monday.

Two persons were arrested in connection with the seizure of the cattles.

According to reports, the cattle were being smuggled from Dhemaji in Assam to Meghalaya.

The cattle hidden within the tanker of the truck were in critical condition as they were being transported inhumanely.


“We have got a secret information and a team of police officer swiftly arrived at the place and seized the tanker of cattle and arrested two persons,” said an police official.

He said, “For the first time, the cattle smugglers have used such technique to transport smuggled cattles. The cattle smugglers are now using various techniques to transport cattles to their destination”.

An investigation into the matter has been initiated.

Over the days, there were several methods being used by smugglers.

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