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Assam teenager embarks on all India tour with his bicycle

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Guwahati, Oct 18: In a unique travelling mission, a teenager from Assam’s Nagaon has already travelled four states with his bicycle. Anupan Das (16) wants to travel, but due to his weak economic condition, he could not do it easily, so he has decided to travel  India with his bicycle.

On his weathered cycle that does not have a stand, Anupam has crossed four states in two and a-half months by October 14 (Saturday). His journey began at home on August 1.

Anupam travelled from one capital city to another in Jharkhand, Odisha, West Bengal, and Andhra Pradesh. During his stay in Jharkhand, people donated around Rs 8,000.

Due to the poor financial condition of his family, Anupam had to drop out of Class VIII to work and financially support his mother. Her mother worked in Haryana, earning Rs 15,000 per month; Anupam worked at an industrial unit and earned the same.

He gave his savings to his mother after working for a few years and set off on a journey that would keep him away from home for a year.

Anupam started his journey with Rs 500, and he gave all his savings to his mother.

“I did not worry about food or accommodation. It is my dream to travel across the country. The idea first struck me when I saw a man reaching my hometown on foot as part of his expedition. Cycling is much easier than walking,” he said.

Anupam cycles sporting a helmet and carrying a foldable tent, a mat, a couple of clothes, including winterwear, a set of low-cost earphones, and two mobiles.

“I spend the nights at gurdwaras or set up his tent at petrol bunkers. People have been generous and gave me money for my food expenses,” Anupam said.

He said, “During my stay in Odisha, I saw the sea for the first time. I stayed in the seawater for three hours and ended up getting a fever, but cycling kept me healthy and going”.

“I want to upload videos of my journey on my YouTube channel. I already have more than 1,000 followers, all outside of my friend circle. I do not have many friends, and it is travelling that keeps me happy. The money earned from views of my videos on YouTube will keep me going until I take up another expedition,” Anupam said.

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