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BJP sinking under Mawrie’s regime in Meghalaya : Sanbor Shullai

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Shillong, Jan 26: BJP legislator from South Shillong, Sanbor Shullai said that the saffron party is sinking under the leadership of the incumbent state president Ernest Mawrie.

His statement came as a reaction to Mawrie’s demand for the immediate resignation of the Home Minister Lahkmen Rymbui for his failure to take action against illegal mining and transportation of coal in the state.

Speaking to reporters at the sidelines of a function, Shullai said that the two MLAs of the party were never informed by the BJP state president on the decision to demand the stepping down of the home minister.

“As MLA of the party and a member of the MDA coordination committee, I am not aware of the demand made by Mawrie,” he said.

“Moreover as per the direction given by our central leadership of the party from time to time, the two MLAs have continued supporting the MDA government. It is unfortunate that such a statement was issued by the state president at his personal level,” he said.

Shullai also said that not only the MLAs but even majority of the members of the party were not aware everytime statements were issued on behalf of the party except the state president and few office bearers.

Terming the president’s demand as unwarranted, the MLA said, “Asking him to resign through the media is wrong as Lahkmen Rymbui is not from the BJP but he is from the UDP so it should have been for the UDP to make the demand.”

He said on many occasions, he had expressed the need to call a meeting of all members before throwing allegations or discussing any problems related to the state government.

“Mawrie knows very well that we are part and parcel of the MDA government and that the MDA coordination committee had decided to discuss and resolve any issues within the committee before taking up such matters outside,” Shullai said.

Stating that the party is sinking under Mawrie’s leadership, the MLA said, “During the tenure of the former president Shibun Lyngdoh, the party was very strong as he would always take everybody into consideration before taking any decision but after Mawrie taking over as the president, not only that there is division but the party is sinking everyday.”

In view of this, Shullai informed that the MLAs would soon convene a meeting of the party to discuss the matter.

Asked if Mawrie would be removed as state president, he however said it is too early to say since a meeting of all the members of the party will soon be held.

“We will discuss this matter in order that we can further strengthen the party,” Shullai said while informing that those who have left the party recently would also attend the said meeting.

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