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BJP Supporters raised slogan ‘Biplab Hatao BJP Bachao’

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Agartala, Dec 6: Tripura, BJP supporters chanted Biplab Hatao slogans during BJP Tripura unit Prabhari Vinod Sonkar came here yesterday.

It was earlier decided that on Sunday morning he will meet with the BJP state leaders and workers in the state guest house.

But in the Sunday morning thousands of BJP workers gathered at the state guest house. And they shouted slogan against CM Biplab Kumar Deb. They shouted slogan, “Biplab Hatao, BJP Bachao’.

It was never seen in Tripura, while BJP supporters are demanding to remove CM Biplab Deb.

While Vinod Sonkar was coming out from the state guest house to go to BJP office at Krishna Nagar, hundreds of supporters cordoned his vehicle and also raised slogan to remove Biplab Deb.

Later Vinod Sonkar told, that, he will listen every workers words. After listening everyone’s word he will go from here. He said, first he will talk with all the MLAs then the supporters.
Lastly in a press conference at BJP state office Vinod Sonkar told to the reporters, BJP is an organisation of workers and supporters. In his party everyone has the right to speak.
In state guest house later police was rushed to the spot to control the crowd.


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