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Conrad Sangma supports Governor’s Hindi address despite VPP boycott threats

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Shillong, Feb 9: Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad Sangma has come out in support of the Meghalaya Governor, who will give his governor’s address in the upcoming budget session in Hindi.

The support came following the VPP’s threat to boycott the session if the governor presents his speech in Hindi.

Asked about the opposition, Conrad Sangma made it clear that rules allow anybody to speak, provided they provide a copy of the speech in English, and that is being done.


“Therefore, there is no issue as we are following the rules,” the Chief Minister said while adding that the speaker has informed us that he has also made provisions either through artificial intelligence or through some sort of arrangement where MLAs can listen to the discussions in English only even if they are talking in other languages.

So making it an issue is unnecessary, he said, even as he recalled that, depending on the situation, many MLAs have spoken in different languages in the Assembly.

Asserting that the Meghalaya Governor has limitations, and hence he is speaking in Hindi, the Chief Minister said that there is nothing wrong with that.

“So I just don’t understand the whole issue that they’re trying to bring up. I think what is more important is the content of what is in the governor’s speech and, more importantly, the discussion that we will have as to how we will productively decide and debate on important issues related to the state, and I think we should focus on that in this deposition, Sangma said.

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