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Endangered barking deer killed in Garo Hills, Poacher nabbed

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Tura, March 12: A highly endangered barking deer has been killed by poachers in Garo Hills but Wildlife officials have quickly identified the prime accused leading to his arrest and seizure of a portion of the carcass.

The arrest happened after the poaching and dismemberment of the animal was reportedly found circulating on social media.

Wildlife teams swooped down on the village of New Harigaon, located near Mukdangra Garobadha road, under South West Garo Hills district today and nabbed the poacher identifed as Sukumar Rema, aged 52 years.

From his house they retrieved a portion of the carcass of the male barking deer shot by him.


The accused had poached the rare male barking deer for consumption of its meat and sale of its skin.

Search is also underway to nab other members of the group believed to have been with him during the hunting incident.

Poaching cases in Garo Hills had literally dropped to zero point during the two years of the Covid pandemic helping the endangered wild life population to once again thrive, but post return to normalcy poaching has once again resumed, putting wildlife personnel to remain on high alert.

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