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Garo Hills Covid vaccinations rise to 441 with more vaccines administered

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Tura, Jan 19: The figure of Garo Hills vaccination drive against Covid-19 has gone up to 441 from the previous number of 267 after more health workers took the vaccine at Tura Civil hospital, Williamnagar civil hospital, Resubelpara civil hospital and Ampati civil hospital.

During the launch of India’s first and biggest vaccination drive against Covid-19 on January 16 (Saturday), a total of 267 out of 400 selected frontline workers took the injection in four different centres of Garo Hills. The success percentage registered 67 percent on Saturday.

Today was the second day of the Covid vaccinations and the first time it was taking place inside Tura’s civil hospital, which is the largest health centre for the five districts of Garo Hills.

Meghalaya is administering the ‘Covishield’ vaccine manufactured by Oxford University and Astra Zeneca and mass produced by Serum Institute in India.

“We had set a target of 100 health workers vaccination and we were able to vaccinate 80 at Tura civil hospital. No AEFI or adverse reactions took place.  Tomorrow we are going to have another session at Tura civil hospital,” said District Child Maternal and Health Officer Dr Ivone M Sangma.

The vaccination drive was not limited only to Tura as similar exercises were conducted in three other districts of Garo Hills.

“Thirty frontline health workers took the vaccine against Covid-19 at Williamnagar today,” informed Deputy Commissioner Swapnil Tembe. All were medical staff who had been working in Covid care centres since the time of the pandemic.

In North Garo Hills district the targeted figure was 59 but only 29 turned up for the vaccination.

“We are going to work out sessions later on to cover the remaining ones who could not take the vaccine during Saturday and today’s drive,” said North Garo Hills Deputy Commissioner R P Marak.

In South West Garo Hills district, 35 frontline workers and nurses took the vaccine at Ampati civil hospital on Tuesday. This has raised the number to 115 after 80 others took the dose on Saturday in the district.


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