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GHADC Session- Money for projects in MDC areas but none for staff salaries, says Trinamool

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TURA, Nov 29: The opposition Trinamool Congress in GHADC has accused the NPP led alliance in the council of releasing crores of rupees for development works in MDC seats but claiming lack of funds when it comes to release of salaries of the employees which are pending for over 30 months.

The 9th session of the GHADC has been underway in the council headquarters in Tura since Monday.

In view of no media coverage of the sessions, the opposition Trinamool organized a press conference outside the session on Tuesday to chastise the Albinush Marak led Executive committee of the NPP alliance.

Seniormost Trinamool MDC Cherak Momin, Kharkutta MDC, termed the release of money for projects and withholding disbursement of salaries as an injustice and illegal act perpetrated on hundreds of employees and their families.


“The new GHADC house took over after council elections in April 2021 with a commitment to serve the people of Garo Hills and do justice to the pending problems of the council. But the promises to clear the dues, upgrade the salary structure to 5th pay commission for the staff and even ensure equal allocation of the required funds for constituency development of all, including opposition MDCs, did not happen because the ruling EC always cited shortage of funds,” says Cherak Momin of the Trinamool Congress.

The opposition Trinamool claimed that they have undertaken their own fact finding into the reasons for the delay in funds release for salaries and claimed to have obtained details that indicated there was sufficient funds in the GHADC.

“A total of 119 work orders worth several crores have been allocated to the ruling NPP alliance MDC constituencies and their supporters, whereas not a single project has been allotted to any of the opposition elected constituencies,” revealed Trinamool MDC Cherak Momin.

He questioned as to why funds cannot be allotted for salary disbursement when crores of rupees are being released for project works.

“The money that has been allotted for projects within the ruling MDC constituencies are not urgent and emergency works. Instead, the allotted works are for earth cutting and earth works, construction of playgrounds etc. Not a single emergency work has been earmarked,” announced Cherak Momin, further adding that some of the allotted works were estimated at 20 to 30 lakh rupees each.

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