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Grand launch for Miss Universe Meghalaya in Shillong, Paul Lyngdoh unveils crown

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SHILLONG, MAY 16: In a splendid ceremony at Vivanta, Khyndailad, the Miss Universe Meghalaya launch event was inaugurated by the Tourism and Arts & Culture Minister, Paul Lyngdoh, who unveiled the official crown for the upcoming Miss Universe Meghalaya, in the presence of dignitaries and Miss Universe India team.

Federick Roy Kharkongor IAS, Commissioner and Secretary of Arts and Culture was also present for the event. Special guests included Amjad Khan, Director of Operations & Marketing for Miss Universe India, Arshina Sumbul, Miss Grand International India 2023, and Sophiya Singh, Miss Asia Pacific India 2024. The Miss Meghalaya Organisation orchestrated the event.

The ceremony commenced with the unveiling of the event’s official logo by Federick Roy Kharkongor IAS. This was followed by an introduction to Miss Meghalaya, Glamanand Entertainment Pvt Ltd, and Miss Universe India, presented by the reigning Miss Meghalaya, Stella Khongsni, and Amjad Khan.


In his remarks, Commissioner & Secretary FR Kharkongor emphasized the state’s commitment to promoting its soft power by harnessing the talents and potential of its youth in various arts.

In his address, Minister Lyngdoh highlighted the government’s initiatives to support and develop the soft skills of the state’s youth, particularly in music and the arts. He expressed his optimism that indigenous fabrics from Meghalaya would gain national and international recognition. He also encouraged the youth to showcase their originality and creativity in the arts.

In a significant shift from previous methods of selecting Miss Universe India representatives, states now have designated State Directors to facilitate contestant participation across the country. Dominic Savio has been appointed as the State Director for Meghalaya by the Miss Meghalaya Organisation.

Amjad Khan noted that this launch will provide a much-needed platform for talented girls to launch their careers from their home state. Previously, aspirants had to travel to other states for auditions with no guarantee of being selected, wasting considerable time and energy. Now, with this launch, girls will have the opportunity to explore other avenues for their potential right here in Meghalaya.

This event marks a significant step forward in celebrating and promoting the cultural and artistic talents of Meghalaya’s youth on both national and international stages.

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