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HNLC sets ‘amnesty’ condition for resumption of peace talks

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Shillong, Jan 8: The Hynniewtrep National Liberation Council (HNLC) interlocutor, Sadon Blah, stated that the ball is in the government’s court, and if they are ready to reconsider amnesty, the tripartite peace talks with the Centre and State governments will resume.

Speaking to reporters, Sadon Blah mentioned that the government should not adhere strictly to a ‘legal’ process but rather adopt a ‘political’ approach if they wish for the peace process to move forward.


The HNLC decided to pull out of the peace talks due to the government’s reluctance to grant amnesty to all the cadres.

Sadon informed that most of the cases against the HNLC involve bomb blasts, and according to Ajay Kumar Mishra, the Minister of State for Home Affairs of India (MHA), they are not considered ‘heinous crimes.’

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