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HYC elects new office bearers, Roy Kupar Synrem elected president

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SHILLONG, Oct 15: Roy Kupar Synrem has been elected as the new president of the Hynniewtrep Youth Council (HYC) for the term 2023-2026.

Along with Synrem, Donboklang Kharlyngdoh and Francis Gee Mawlong were elected as vice presidents and Rhembor G Saibon as general secretary during the general executive council (GEC) meeting of the council held on Saturday.

Former presidents Robertjune Kharjahrin and Peter J Lawai have been appointed as chief adviser and adviser of the HYC respectively.

The other new CEC members include Issac W Basaiawmoit and Lumlang Kharsyiemlieh – secretaries, Daniel Syiem, Mandor Swer, Pynskhem Kharjahrin and Yoohunki Shylla – joint secretaries, John N Lyngdoh – chief organizing secretary, Romingstar Lamare, Hercules Suting – organizing secretaries, Chestarwell Kharbani, Shembokstar Langrin, Shanborlang Marwein and Robinson Nongrum – assistant organizing secretaries, Enlang Sawian – education secretary, Bhabok Sohshang and Banpynbiang Wriang – assistant education secretaries, Joplang Kharnaior – socio-cultural secretary, Purningstar Shabong and Wellman Kharlyngiong – assistant socio-cultural secretaries, Mewathi Suchiang – environment secretary, Wanteibok Lyngdoh and Arbok Kharjahrin – assistant environment secretaries, Bashan Lyngdoh Mawnai – publicity secretary, Tony Shylla and Wellangstar Warlarpih – assistant publicity secretaries, Franky Kharumnuid – sports secretary, Counterbok Thangkhiew and Arki Lamare – sport secretaries.

The GEC was presided over by former HYC president Peter J Lawai and former vice president Nickson Dohling.

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