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India trillion Dollar Economy : Momo shop offers 25k salary, Internet goes wild

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Shillong, April 15: Imagine pocketing an astounding 25 thousand salary every month in this economy, including free momos; some people are just lucky.

Yes, lucky! A momo stall is currently hiring a helper offering a 25k salary per month.

A viral photo of the advertisement went viral, and netizens are now calling it a ‘Dream Job’. To top it off, the job does not require a bachelor’s degree or even a diploma certificate.

Ironically, a momo stall helper is being generously paid more than many white-collar jobs in Meghalaya.


A recent post gaining traction on ‘X’ features a woman with the username @puttuboy25, who shared her astonishment after spotting a job advertisement outside a momo shop in India. The poster, adorned with Hindi script, advertised a job opening for a helper or worker with a salary of Rs. 25,000.


The post quickly became a hit, triggering a wave of chuckles and witty comments from netizens.

However, the location of the momo stall is not clear, and netizens have raised questions over the internet: “India wants to know… where is it located?”.

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