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Inter-Mahari football match promotes anti-drug message; Ampang FC’s “Say No to Drugs” Jersey draws attention

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Tura, July 21: A thrilling encounter between Dalbot FC and Ampang FC unfolded at Chandmari Field in Tura, West Garo Hills on Friday in the Inter Mahari Football tournament.

The match not only showcased the players’ skills but also highlighted a critical social message, with Ampang FC donning special jerseys emblazoned with the slogan “Say No to Drugs.”

The first half witnessed Dalbot FC taking the lead, scoring two impressive goals. However, after halftime, Ampang FC managed to pull one back, narrowing the gap and intensifying the competition. In the end though, Dalbot won the match with a scoreline of 2-1.

But the special jerseys worn by Ampang FC captured the attention of spectators and players alike. With “Say No to Drugs” printed prominently on the jerseys, the team aimed to use the match and the tournament to spread awareness about the harmful consequences of drug abuse and addiction, especially among the youth.


Former Minister and Ampang FC captain, Billykid A. Sangma, spoke exclusively to Hub News about the significance of the “Say No to Drugs” message on their jerseys. He expressed deep concern about the increasing drug menace and related cases that have been plaguing society. He emphasized, “The purpose behind printing ‘Say No to Drugs’ on our jerseys is to create awareness among the youths of our society.”

He further elaborated on the catastrophic impact drugs can have on individuals and society at large, especially the younger generation. By using their presence on the football field, Ampang FC sought to send a strong message to safeguard the future generations from falling into the trap of drug addiction.

“Our Mahari has taken this matter very seriously as it poses a major challenge to our society,” Sangma added. He called upon other Maharis, NGOs, and organizations to join hands in spreading extensive awareness about the drug menace and its detrimental effects on individuals and communities.

The Inter Mahari Football tournament, apart from promoting sportsmanship and talent, has now also become a platform for advocating social causes. The “Say No to Drugs” campaign embraced by Ampang FC has garnered appreciation from both spectators and fellow players, emphasizing the positive impact sports can have in fostering awareness and change within communities.

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