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Lok Sabha 2024 : BJP’s Sonowal advocates healthy democratic environment for national growth

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Dibrugarh, Apr 3: The Union Minister Sarbananda Sonowal addressed multiple public meetings at Amguri, Naharani & Kenduguri under Jaipur mandal as the canvassing for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections picks up speed.

Addressing the people in these meetings, the senior BJP leader called for a healthy democratic environment for the growth and development of the country.

Sonowal said that the true meaning of ‘Jatiyotabad’ prioritises indigenous rights over destruction of public assets. In this grand festival of democracy, we must celebrate the truth, facts, rule of law and commitment to the cause of nation building as building blocks to further strengthen the ‘Jatiyotabad.’


Speaking on the occasion, the senior leader of the BJP, Sarbananda Sonowal said, “Jatiyotabad is an important idea which must be empowered with truth, facts, ideas and action towards realisation of the set objectives. It is a powerful tool of democracy – as a strong voice of people – that prioritises indigenous rights, against destruction of public assets,”.

“When the Congress enacted the anti people, anti Assamese IMDT Act, then we did not go about creating ruckus on the roads But, as a true and for a more impactful result, we approached the Supreme Court, which struck it down. This is how Jatiyotabad must act, which is to secure legal rights of the sons of the soil. When we form the government in 2016, as the Chief Minister, one of my first action was to initiated process to provide legal rights over the landholdings of the indigenous people of Assam. For more than six decades since India’s independence, the successive Congress governments failed to secure the land rights of the people. More than 3,60,000 indigenous families were accorded land rights with legal ownership via Pattas. Another two lakh families were given land rights with legal ownership to the indigenous people since 2021 under the present BJP government. This is what true ‘Jatiyotabad’ can achieve,” Sonowal said.


On the other hand, INDIA bloc candidate Lurinjyoti Gogoi and AAP candidate Manoj Dhanowar have also geared up their campaigns in the Dibrugarh Lok Sabha constituency.

Manoj Dhanowar has been trying everything possible to penetrate in the tea garden areas to garner support from the tea belt.

On the other hand, Lurinjyoti Gogoi has been trying to touch the Assamese sentiments through regionalism which is their main agenda.

Dibrugarh Lok Sabha constituency will witness a triangular contest between the three candidates. A total of 10 Legislative assembly constituencies are there in the Dibrugarh HPC and on April 19 the future of the three candidates will be decide by the voters.

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