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Manipur: ITLF holds candlelight vigil at ‘Wall of Remembrance’ in Churachandpur

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Imphal, July 3: The Indigenous Tribal Leaders Forum (ITLF) organized a candlelight vigil on Monday at the ‘Wall of Remembrance’ near the peace ground in Tuibong, Churachandpur.

The event, attended by thousands of tribal community members and ITLF leaders, aimed to inspire strength and resilience among the participants.

The candlelight vigil served as a solemn reminder of the challenges faced by the indigenous tribal communities and the need to persevere in their struggle. As the gathering commenced, ITLF leaders emphasized the importance of standing firm and unwavering in the face of adversity. They encouraged the attendees to draw strength from their courage and continue their fight until the very end, for courage is an invaluable trait.


The event also featured performances of music and patriotic songs, captivating the public who had gathered in large numbers. The songs created an atmosphere of unity and solidarity among the attendees, further igniting their determination to safeguard their rights and preserve their cultural heritage.

The ‘Wall of Remembrance’ itself stands as a symbol of the sacrifices made by the indigenous tribal communities throughout history. It serves as a constant reminder of the resilience and bravery exhibited by their ancestors.

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