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Modi Govt promoting Hindu narrative on Lord Rama, alleges lawyers association

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Agartala, Feb 18: The All India Lawyers Union (AILU) has alleged that the Modi-led government at the Centre is promoting a singular Hindu-centric narrative centered around Lord Rama.

The AILU has called for the National Secretariat Meeting of the All India Lawyers Union in Agartala on Saturday.

Speaking to reporters at Saheed Bhagat Singh Yuba Awas, AILU president Bikash Ranjan Bhattacharjee stressed the organisation commitment to safeguarding fundamental rights, lamenting the erosion of India’s multiculturalism and diversity under the Modi administration.

Bhattacharjee, also a Rajya Sabha MP from West Bengal, criticised the BJP’s purported efforts to polarise society along religious lines and diminish welfare programs like the right to food and 100 days of work under MGNREGA.


He highlighted the exacerbation of economic disparities due to reduced funding for MGNREGA, particularly affecting the marginalized.

During the press conference Singh highlighted on the Electoral Bond scheme, condemned as a corrupt practice favoring the BJP. PV Surendranath, General Secretary of the All India Lawyers Union, expressed concern over the lack of transparency in corporate donations to the BJP, exempt from Right to Information scrutiny.

To counter perceived threats to India’s secular fabric, Surendranath announced a nationwide campaign featuring 2000 awareness meetings to combat RSS-BJP propaganda and uphold religious harmony.

As the All India Lawyers Union intensifies its advocacy efforts, discussions around the implications of the Modi government’s policies for India’s pluralistic society gain momentum.

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