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Peace-talk between breakaway Pambei Group and govt pose ‘death trap’, total betryayal: UNLF

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Imphal, Dec 3: The breakaway Pambei group of the United National Liberation Front (UNLF) has signed a ‘peace talks agreement’ with government of India on November 29, 2023 in New Delhi.

It is an agreement for beginning of ‘peace talks’.

According to the spokesperson of Pambei Group, their agenda for the talks shall be ‘the restoration of Manipur’s sovereignty and independence’. However, the paradox is India government has never agreed to include the issue of ‘sovereignty and independence’ on the agenda of talks.

“This is the stand India govt took on holding talks with NSCN and ULFA. This is precisely the reason ULFA of Assam has not accepted to hold talks with India govt till today,” UNLF stated in press release.


It further added, “On the other hand, India’s Home Minister, Amit Saha posted on X that Pambei group “… has agreed to renounce violence and join the (Indian) mainstream. I welcome them to the democratic processes…” This remark negates the claim of Pambei group on the issue of restoration of sovereignty and independence of Manipur through ‘peace talks’. Therefore, UNLF Pambei group’s claim is not only misleading the people of Manipur but also belittles the image of our national liberation struggle”.

“Under the circumstances, the UNLF hereby inform our people that Pambei group has deviated from the time tested fundamental political principle of UNLF. That such an internal situation has been created thereby weakening our united effort at a time when Manipur is confronting an unprecedented challenge is really unfortunate. This is tantamount to total betrayal of the goal of UNLF, which is enshrined in every patriotic Manipuris i.e., “Restoration of Manipur’s lost Sovereignty and Independence” for which many of our Founders, Leaders and fighters made supreme sacrifice,” UNLF stated.

It further added, “The attempt of India govt to give the impression that by signing the ‘peace talks agreement’ with the breakaway group of UNLF can only be described as ignorance of the dynamics of our national liberation struggle”.

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