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Rape accused Tura jailbreak prisoner recaptured

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Tura, Dec 2: An under trial prisoner, who had escaped from Tura District Jail last week, while on transit for medical treatment has been recaptured from Tura itself today.

On Nov 26, the rape accused identified as Johnstar R. Sangma, 21 had jumped off a police vehicle that was escorting him to the hospital.

Police had initially suspected that the escaped prisoner had fled to Siju in South Garo Hills, his native village. “We received inputs that he has been moving in and around Tura and trying to contact some persons. Accordingly, several teams were pressed into an operation and we nabbed him around 3:30 in the afternoon,” said district police chief Dr. Raghavendra Kumar.

The accused, who had completely changed his get-up and had a new set of clothes and a disguise to pass off as a commoner was spotted near Tura Members’ Hostel.

Police suspect that he was trying to gel in among the labourers who work in the commercial trucks stationed nearby or was trying to escape police net.

“Our police personnel dressed as civilians spotted him and when accosted he tried to break free by running down towards the Tura market area. There was a hot chase and he was ultimately caught,” Dr. Kumar added.

Though Johnstar made attempts to run away, he was caught by the cops as he was unable to run due to his leg injury, sustained during his escape last week.

Investigation is underway to identify those persons who helped provide shelter and clothes to the recaptured prisoner. Police maintain that the accused was given some form of help, intentionally or otherwise, by someone which helped him to move around freely in the town until his recapture.


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