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RDA slams VPP for trying to divide people over mother-father’s surname issue

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SHILLONG, APR 9: Regional Democratic Alliance (RDA) candidate Robertjune Kharjahrin on Monday slammed the opposition Voice of the People Party (VPP) for trying to divide the people of Khasi-Jaintia Hills.

“Just because they (VPP) commit a mistake by taking their father’s surname, they are ready to divide the jaidbynriew (community) into two groups – one is jaidbynriew taking mother’s surname and the other is a jaidbynriew taking the father’s surname,” Kharjahrin said while addressing an election campaign held at Iawmusiang, Jowai in West Jaintia Hills District.

“These are the same people, who just to take revenge on a mouse, they are ready to burn the entire house down,” he said.

Slamming the VPP chief Ardent M Basaiawmoit for challenging everybody, Kharjahrin reminded that Basaiawmoit had tremendously failed in the MUDA issue.


“Going back to history, people will know that this gentleman from Nongkrem had gone to create chaos in the Secretariat over the MUDA issue but once he came out of the Secretariat, he suddenly changed his stand on the issue,” he said while informing that Basaiawmoit had withdrew from the protest without resolving the MUDA issue, which was affected the people of the region during the Congress-led regime in the state.

“It was only during UDP-led EC in the KHADC under the leadership of Titosstarwell Chyne as CEM and Paul Lyngdoh as EM, the issue (related to MUDA encroachment into Sixth Scheduled areas) was resolved,” he said, while adding “When we went to resolve the MUDA issue, Paul did not ask me to carry stones/sticks but we carried files and constitution of India, Town and Country Planning Act. The government did not bring police but AG to discuss and resolve the MUDA crisis. These are real men, who have successfully addressed issues concerning the jaidbynriew.”


Stating that there is a big difference between people who talk big and people who can debate and discuss issues concerning the state, Kharjahrin said, “That is why we don’t need to argue and people don’t need to elect people who only knows how to argue because they need to vote somebody who can debate and discuss to address the various issues of the people.”

Urging the people to support the RDA, an alliance of the two oldest and largest political parties – UDP and HSPDP – in the state, Kharjahrin said that the alliance’s mission is to protect the people, their culture and tradition, languages and rights over land.

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