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Renowned swimmer Elvis Ali Hazarika becomes first Assamese to cross English Channel

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Guwahati, July 20: Assam’s renowned swimmer Elvis Ali Hazarika inked his name in history by becoming the first Assamese from the North East to cross the English Channel two ways.

Hazarika covers a distance of 78 kilometres by swimming in a relay from England’s Samphire to France’s Calais and back, clicking an impressive time of 32 hours.

Elvis Ali Hazarika’s journey to this momentous achievement was marked by unwavering determination and relentless effort, pushing himself to work harder every day.


The daring swim presented a series of daunting challenges, including encounters with Jellyfish, Dolphins, Seals, and the relentless assault of Saltwater.

Hazarika and his team also faced heavy currents and choppy weather throughout their gruelling journey.

It not just the English Channel, Hazarika has completed several other channels including the North Channel.

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