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Shillong to get Police Commissioner, have stringent policing

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Shillong, July 21: Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma on Friday announced the government’s decision to appoint a commissioner of police in the state capital.

“We are working on it very swiftly. We are hopeful that very soon this process will be completed,” Sangma told reporters.

He said capitals in the different states have commissioners of police but in Shillong, it is only up to an SP level.

“Once the commissioner of police comes here that means, number one, there will be a senior official who will be heading that commissioner level and of course, there will be many more staff and team under him or her and that way we will be having a much more better structure and a better team here in Shillong city to maintain law and order which also means increase in manpower, increase in infrastructure and everything that a commissioner should have,” Sangma added.


With regards to the issue of transfer and posting of police officers, the chief minister said the government has come up with few office memorandums (OMs) to ensure the minimum period of posting in certain parts of the state is 3 years.

“So these kinds of OMs are being done. There will still be challenges we may not be able to come up with a perfect system because there are many factors that are impacting these postings and transfers but we are trying to systemize it as far as possible and the first step towards that has started off by ensuring that minimum posting in different districts are there for all the police force,” he said.

On rising crimes against women, the chief minister said, “Yes, it is a very serious matter and of course we have seen that crimes against women have been there and it has been there for some time and measures are being taken. We are ensuring that more and more police forces having women are there. We are also moving very fast in ensuring that proper chargesheet are put in at the earliest.”

He also asserted the need for strict penalties to be put in terms of imprisonment and assured that all steps are taken to bring this down and ensure those who are guilty are punished.

Asked on the forensic laboratory in the state, Sangma said that earlier the state do not have a forensic directorate and hence the different evidences that need to be looked into and studied and investigated were sent to laboratory outside the state as we did not have the required equipment to test and which hinder the overall investigation process and would delay justice.

“Now that we have the forensic directorate, a process will be much faster and we are creating the infrastructure that is required in terms of creating more labs and equipment so that quick tests and investigation can be done so that swift action and justice can be given,” he added.

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